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Cordova Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten Photo Gallery
Here are some pictures of the Preschool campus
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Swimming lessons for Preschoolers in the Summer
View of the pool from the play area between the swimming pool and The Discovery Building.
The same view adjusted to the right that includes some swings and slides.
Standing in the same place as the previous picture but completely turned to the right to see the play area next to the Discovery building that includes a child size basketball set and big trees all around that give "heavenly" shade on hot days.
The pathway between the play area next to the pool and the play area next to Discovery Building. On the left is a playhouse and straight ahead is the area where the trikes and bikes and play cars are stored. Beyond this storage area is the Persimmon orchard.
This is the outside lunch and snack area to the right of the pathway that leads to the Persimmon orchard. The building on the left is the Kindergarten classroom and the building on the right is the end of the Discovery Building.
The pathway next to the outside eating area that goes by the Kindergarten classroom and leads to the front  Preschool play area where a stage will be built for Preschoolers.
The view from the opposite side over looking the outside eating area that observes the slides and swings.
Walking forward to the end of the outside eating area-there is a pergola that supports over-hanging climbing plants. This pathway leads to more swings, a sandbox, and a jungle gym.
You are looking in the direction of the pool standing in the swing and sandbox play area. There is also a Chevrolet Corvair car in this play area (the car is inoperable).
The Persimmon orchard area
A bigger view of the Persimmon orchard area at the back of the property.
The front view of the Lois Ballard Modular Building that includes classrooms and a music room for the Preschoolers.
A closer view of front play area- the play house in the forefront  was designed and built by Eagle Scout Nicolas Crumley (a former preschooler).
The entrance to the Preschool is in the Discovery Building next to the front play area.
The Community Garden where the Preschoolers plant and till the ground and families enjoy the produce.
Discovery Building classroom
Music room
Discovery Building Block room
Modular Building classroom
Another view of Community Garden
More swimming fun for Preschoolers in the Summer
Please stop by our campus to experience our warm and caring environment for learning and growing.