Cordova Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten:
      Family Enriching-Child Valuing
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Call for more information: (916) 638-5506 M-F 7am-6pm PST
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Thank you for your desire to contribute to the family enriching work of Cordova Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten (non-profit)
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*Thank you for contributing to the family enriching work of Cordova Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten. The proceeds 
will be used for Cordova Baptist Preschool & Kindergarten projects: painting projects,  an outside stage for Preschool 
performances, Preschool community gardening, scholarships, orchard enhancements, pool area upgrades, tuition aid,
and other special projects for building Preschoolers and helping them to appreciate their self-worth.

*Please feel free to visit the school in person or online- 

Pray for a family member or friend and invite them to your church.
Please stop by our campus to experience our warm and caring environment for learning and growing.